Taxidermy Method Mounting Birds - How To Mount Birds

Angler Beaver Taxidermy Upland Game Bird and Waterfowl Methods Techniques by Tom Biver and Randy Engler
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - washing pheasant.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - washing pheasant - Randy Engler.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - washing pheasant.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - washing pheasant - Randy Engler.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - preparing pheasant.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Method - finishing pheasant.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Pheasant Back Photo
Angler Beaver Taxidermy Pheasant Pedestal Mount Photo
Angler Beaver Taxidermy at work.
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All birds (including ducks) are fleshed and thoroughly washed prior to mounting and come complete with habitat. Fleshing excess tissue (and fat) then washing each bird 3 times in a degreasing solution, enhances the original sheen of each individual feather. This process is time consuming however it pays dividends as it eliminates the chance of oils seeping out of your bird which is typical of the "Skin-and-Mount" method. This process also makes it possible to maintain the original alignment of each feather track producing a much more natural looking bird. After fleshing and washing each bird is tumbled and blown dry.

Pheasant tails are disassembled to remove excess fat then reassembled. This method maintains the natural look of the tail. Waddles are split and filled to maintain the original shape as the bird dries.

The "Skin-and-Mount" method typially takes 1-2 hours from start to finish. Our method takes on average 8-10 hours per bird however we feel the end result is worth the effort.
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