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Angler Beaver Taxidermy is a full service taxidermy shop located in Iowa.
Clark's Resorts for quality furs.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy.  Wholesale Taxidermy Work Across The United States
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High Quality, Long Lasting, Creative Taxidermy Mounts, at Competitive Pricing
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Licensed in Iowa
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Bear, Beaver, Fisher, Red Fox, Lynx, Otter, Pine Marten, Timber Wolf, & More!!
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Proud Sponsor of Heritage Youth Days at Iaasc Walton
Welcome to Angler Beaver Taxidermy, a full service taxidermy shop owned and operated by
Tom Biver ('Beaver') and Randy Engler ('Angler') of Dubuque, Iowa.
We are licensed taxidermists committed to providing our customers with high quality mounts at competitive prices
and quick turnaround times. We use cutting edge techniques to produce long lasting, high quality mounts.
Our mounts are artistic and creative. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Angler Beaver Taxidermy does wholesale taxidermy work for other taxidermists throughout the United States.
Pheasants Forever
Ducks Unlimited
Dubuque Bird Dog Club
National Taxidermy Association
Iowa Taxidermy Association
Large Munsterland Club of North America
Dubuque Conservation Board
Rocky Mountain Elk Federation
Dubuque Fly Fishers
National Wild Turkey Federation
Bass World Sports
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Proud Sponsor Pheasants Forever-See Fighting Pheasants Donation
Antler Tein Repair
Wholesale Work
Custom Habitat
Priceless Moments Photography
Taxidermy Photographer
Dubuque IA: 563-590-1310 or 563-588-0516
Des Moines IA: 563-581-3989
365Ink Magazine Interviews top two most mentioned local taxidermsts.
Shipping is easy. We ship mounts anywhere in the US.
Payment is easy. We accept most major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card or PayPal:
High Quality taxidermy mounts .
Wholesale Taxidermy Work
We do wholesale taxidermy work for other local taxidermist and taxidermist across the United States including Alaska.
Quick turnaround .
Restoration and more:
Restore Old Mounts
Preserve Antler Velvet
Rebuild Antler Teins